Yoga Beginners

tanyarelax-3“Yoga for Beginners”  – a 6 week course

If you are new to yoga or would like to be reminded of the basics of yoga practice ,  you may benefit from a 6 week introductory “Yoga for Beginners ” course.

Beginning a yoga practice can be intimidating and overwhelming . For the complete beginner it could be very challenging ,physically and mentally. To help overcome emotional and physical discomfort it is highly recommended to have some basic knowledge about Yoga before starting to practice.

To help you feel confident and safe, I’ve  created an introductory course of 6 weeks (6 x 1 hour sessions) which will explore in  detail the fundamentals principals of  yoga :

  • Mechanics and benefits of  breathing will introduce you to a modern science of respiration. You will learn some of the basic techniques of breath awareness ,  variety of ‘pranayama’ practices will be explored.
  • Physical practices of yoga (asanas) will teach you to practice yoga poses safely to prevent  injury. The focus will be on  standing poses, variety of sun salutations, shoulder and hip openers, back and forward bends, simple inversions and twists.
  • Relaxation : we will be exploring  restorative asanas , you will be introduced to a variety  of  relaxation techniques: we will be discussing  the importance of relaxation in modern living.
  • Meditation:  we will be focusing on establishment and proper set up for meditation ,  exploring of the guided meditation techniques, you will be encouraged to establish your own home meditation practice.

Cost of an 6 weeks introductory course for beginners – £42

The course will be run on Wednesday  6:00-7:00 pm and Friday 9:30-10:30 am

at the Botley Centre, High Street, Botley, Hants SO30 2ES

Please use the Contact Form for more details or the Booking form to book your place on the next available course.