About Tanya

Tanya Elkan

Forever grateful  to have received  teachings from  the most inspirational  yoga gurus  of our time – Alan Finger (ISHTA YOGA), Shiva Rea (VINYASA FLOW), Doug Keller (YOGA THERAPY), Rod Striker (PARA YOGA) and all the wonderful teaches of YOGACAMPUS, London, who gave me such a great  foundation to begin my yoga journey as a teacher.


Born in Minsk, Belarus, originally from a scientific background (Degree in Chemistry), Tanya was introduced to yoga while working as an analytical chemist for one of the UK’s private pharmaceutical companies . Falling in love with yoga not only as a physical exercise  but  also  as a spiritual practice, she carried on developing her interest in studying  yoga  more deeply. She completed an eighteen month teacher training diploma course with Yogacampus in London, one of the UK’s top yoga teacher trainers , known for its non-dogmatic and authentic approach and  became a British Wheel of Yoga accredited teacher in November 2012.


Tanya teaches Yoga classes in the Hatha tradition, combining the best of Iyengar, Power Yoga and Viniyasa Flow styles with a great deal of focus on breath and mindfulness. A particular  interest in yoga as a therapy helps Tanya to lead her students through safe practice and  teaching  them how to tailor their practice to suit their own body.

Fun, empowering and motivating, the classes are designed to encourage you to take time to practice Yoga. You will learn about the fundamental principles of Yoga: proper breathing, physical exercise (postures), relaxation and meditation.  Classes will help to build strength, stability, flexibility and mental calm.


The physical and mental health benefits Tanya has experienced through practising yoga have been rewarding and life-changing. Tanya aims to share these benefits with others in a safe and effective way with  ‘much’  fun and enjoyment.

Tanya feels passionate about yoga and considers Yoga as a practical guide to a person’s personal development for achieving harmony of the mind, body and the spirit.