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Yoga for Your Lymphatic Health

What is the lymphatic system?

Yoga for our Lymphatic Health

It is a drainage network of fluid, organs and vessels. These specialised vessels move the lymphatic fluid from tips of our toes to the top of our head and to centralised lymph nodes. It helps regulate the balance of all fluid in our body. It is responsible also for the removal of the following

  • cellular debris
  • large proteins
  • foreign bodies
  • pathogenic agents like bacteria, viruses and toxins and
  • excess fluid from the extracellular spaces

There are 6 to 10 liters of lymphatic fluid or lymph in our body which is more than our blood. The lymph passes through processing and collection centers called lymph nodes which

  • act as filtration and purification stations for the lymph circulation
  • capture and destroy toxins
  • trap cancer cells in order to destroy them
  • concentrate the lymph, reabsorbing by around 40% of the liquid present in the lymph
  • produce lymphocytes and monocytes

To summarize, our lymphatic system has a lot of responsibility for our well-being.


What causes lymphatic congestion?

Fatigue, stress, infection, emotional shock, lack of physical activity or dehydration are the reasons we suffer lymphatic congestion. Our lymph vessels will be clogged with protein deposits and it will result in tissue swelling. Through accumulation of toxins in our body, the cells body will not function properly resulting in various metabolic and infectious problems.


How can we relieve our lymphatic congestion?

Unlike our circulatory system that relies on the pump of our heart to push blood throughout our body, the lymph moves by muscular circulation. It requires certain movements, repetitive practices, and specific placements of pressure and stress on the body. Just like breaking a sweat, walking, jogging, and jumping are incredibly effective practices for the lymphatic system. Also yoga is one of these transporters and key for keeping our lymph flowing.

Yoga supports our lymphatic system by awakening natural movements and placing the body in poses that directly stimulate and energise the healthy movement of our lymph. Through yoga, we find an even deeper beauty in the practice. Just beyond the action itself, yoga gives us the inspiration to continue and do it again.

Several yoga poses can be practiced together to create a routine that specifically targets the lymphatic system.

Join my class now to learn more. And let’s help our lymphatic system remain as healthy as eve.


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